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Cleaning up taxonomic names in subsets of the ANSP volumes

Correcting errors in spelling and clarifying punctuation.

The Streamlit app is alive (sort of!)

A quick tour of a very beta application.

Goal: build a Streamlit app to show how spaCy works on ANSP texts

Can I get it done this week?

Finding all of the taxonomic names in the Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Because why the heck not?

Using workflows in project planning

Describing project workflows for collaboration and communication

Preparing ANSP subsets for spaCy

Let's prepare a dozen ANSP "catalogues" for analysis in spaCy

Exploring Global Names Finder

In which we replace an API-based taxonomic tool with a command-line application we can run in RStudio

Using the GNRD API to find taxonomic names

A Global Names Architecture adventure supported by R package Taxize

Why the LEADING Fellowship?

My application essay for the program

Getting started with spaCy

My first few days with this natural language processing tool

Using the BHL API

A notebook to access the Biodiversity Heritage Library API available through the rOpenSci package `rbhl`.

2021 LEADING Fellowship

Project: From natural history literature to linked open data biodiversity knowledge graph.

Hello World

A blog to chronicle my experience and work for the LEADING Fellowship

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Latest Posts

Welcome to my blog. I started to document my 2021 LEADING Fellowship, but hoping to expand and carry it forward into 2022.


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